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Let me tell you about my buddy Raw Island Rodney.

In the fall of 2021 I set out to redesign my soap boxes and I needed photos of each town that I named a soap after, so I asked my social media followers to share theirs with me in exchange for a bar of soap. I was gifted some really great pictures! Susan Miles-Penney sent a series of photos featuring puffins with blue flag Irises and I received the most comments on those. They didn't identify a town well enough to be used on a particular box. but I couldn't leave him out! I turned him into a mascot and my friend Sarah Kirby named him Rodney. 

Every website order gets a Rod sticker, because he's a joyful creature, and I want you to enjoy him too. Die hard Rodney fans can purchase a pin to display their puffin pride everywhere they go!

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